Kucino is the first Casino on the Kucoin Community Chain, powered by The GURU Network.

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Welcome to KUCINO

The $KUCINO token

Our presale fundraiser was completed successfully with an oversubscribed contribution of 2104 KCS!
Kucino Casino's native token, the KUCINO is a masterpiece in itself, incorporated with state-of-the-art De-Fi flavours & #UpOnly recipes!

Full raise was added to LP!
Liquidity tokens timelocked for extensible period using our special and innovative timelock!

Hodl KUCINO, Earn KCS!
Earn KCS just by holding the KUCINO token! Claim your rewards every cycle and reap the benefits of compounding!
Holders earn KUCINO just by holding the KUCINO token, using the famous reflection mechanism!
Re-claim KCS, Earn 5x bonus!
Every once in a while, a lucky KCS claimer will be rewarded with a Jackpot Claim, which is an amount of KCS significantly greater, and upto 5x more than their expected earnings!
Hodl 13.37k KUCINO, Earn Satty to KuPOT!
A part of each transaction will also be used to fund The KuPot, where holders drain the KuPOT smart contract's balance!
Hodl 1M KUCINO, Earn Seat at Re-Roller!
The Elite KUCINO holders with holdings over 1 Million can find themselves an open seat at our Premium Game, The Re-Roller, which is our biggest Jackpot with huge KCS payouts!
Provide Liquidity, Earn extra KUCINO!
Liquidity Providers get to double dip when they join any KUCINO Pool. LPs Earn Reflection + Trading fees, both, for pooling KUCINO at any of their favorite AMM DEXes!
Automatic Liquidity Addition, Price-Floor Elevation!
With every movement of KUCINO, 4% of it's worth is added back to the liquidity pool, easing trade slips and raising the lower price limits higher & ever-higher, again, and again!
Anti-Sniper, A Fair Launch measure!
Users were adviced to avoid trading and transacting during the first 40 minutes as there was 90% liquidity fee to avoid sniping while the pre-sale allocation was being distributed using FTM.guru's Airdrop-Tool.
Whale-Inhibition, equitable participation
The special contract design employed by Kucino's smart contract hinders whales from participating at scale. Multiple mechanisms that are in-built to Kucino Casino's KUCINO token discourage hoarding.
Freshers Cooldown, soothes excitement!
One more special tokenomic aspect of Kucino Casino's native token is the "adaptive" Cooldown periods. Whenever anyone increases their existing KUCINO holdings by 2% or greater, the time due for claiming their KCS rewards is extended by a proportional factor, with a maximum possible additional delay of 73 hours if someone increases their holdings by 2x or more.
Disruption Taxation, ecosystem protection!
Another unique feature that sets KUCINO token apart is that smart contract governed protocol levies a fixed, %-based tax, paid in KCS on all transfers that want to cross the transfer limits. This KCS is used to instantly buyback KUCINO from the open-markets at spot price and burned to the 0xdEaD address!
Maximum Transaction, limits volatile behaviour!
Transfers greater than 0.1%, or 13,370,000 KUCINO (worth $133.7 at launch date) are rejected by the Kucino Protocol at contract-level. The only way around this discouraging barrier is to lose 20% in disruption taxes + 12% from the value of your tokens from transaction fee, making it a hoarder's nightmare!
Collector's Contribution, coalescent combination!
Each holder of KUCINO, who collects more than 2 KCS in a single claim, always makes a contribution of 20% of their rewards! This is paid in KCS and goes to buyback and burn KUCINO tokens at market price, overall raising the price floor!
Veteran's Donation, feeding the future!
Last but not the least of our features is the veteran's donation! Long-term holders who collect more than 100 shall make a donation of 20% towards raising the price floor via a B&B mechanism from their KCS rewards. Even a small amount goes a long way!

Contract address:

Due to ongoing issues with multi-part solidity file verification at explorer.kcc.io, we have provided a contract code mirror for Kucino. We ask everyone to duly verify our Source Code at our testnet 1:1 mirror version. Manual Verification: The Bytecode should match exactly, apart from the last 40 characters, which is the KuDex router address. Total length is 31,004 chars.
For more, do read our docs.


Holders of KUCINO token earn KCS and KUCINO, both, on each transaction. Beyond this, all transactions also help increase the liquidity, which in turn raises the price floor.

Earn KCS

A part of each transction goes into a KCS pool, which is claimable by every holder of KUCINO token once every cycle. Holders can claim an amount equivalnet to their network share in Kucino.
KCS Earned = (KCS in pool) x (KUCINO held) / (circ. supply)


Kucino also protects against a concept known as "disruptive transfers", or whale moves. Transfering huge amounts will not be permited by default, but whales can use the "disruptive transfer" method to move big funds by paying a small fees of 100 KCS ;)

Zero balance penalty

Many dumpers have the habit of selecting "max" when dumping their tokens. We introduce a time-penalty and such users will have to wait for decades to claim their KCS.

Earn KCS - Part 2: The KCS jackpot

Every once in a while, few users will be rewarded a jackpot claim, which will be an amount of KCS significantly greater than their expected earnings!
We recommend everyone to turn on notifications from our website and claim at the earliest of your cycle.

Reflection Rewards

Each transaction will also include a KUCINO reward, distributed evenly to all holders using the famous concept known as reflection.

Burn the KUCINO?

As a premier Casino operator, we know the real value of money. Something thats insignificant to someone might mean the world to someone else. For this reason, instead of burning KUCINO tokens, we will distribute KUCINO as airdrops to multiple communities supporting us. This sum will be raised per tx.

Drain the Pot

A part of each transaction will also be used to fund a jackpot ("KuPot") where anyone can bet 0.1 KCS to drain half of the pot. The KSC raised will partly go to the KSC pool, which is claimable by KUCINO holders. Another part will fund another jackpot, "The Re-Roller".

The Re-Roller

KSC raised from "The KuPot" will fund a jackpot that only 1-million KUCINO holders can enter. The ticket will cost 0.1 KCS and the reward will be half of the balance of The Re-Roller.

Airdrops, Dev. & Marketing

Each transaction will also send a small part to a marketing & dev fund, which we will utilise to run more games and create partnerships with other projects. These games would utilize the token from the partner project to win a KCS or the project's token based jackpot.

About this project

Purpose of KUCINO

To expand Guru Network's current Casino beyond it's proof-of-concept state and explore third-party oracle based betting on real life events like "who will win tomorrow's (xyz) football match?" or "will Bitcoin cross 100k on new year's eve?". Owing to it's experimental nature, we're keeping it on a separate chain for the time being and it will replace our current setup on Fantom once it matures.

Specifics about KUCINO token

A max supply of 42 billion, out of which 39 will be vested to linearly unlock for 100 years to fund ecosytem incentives, 1 billion will be distributed via a presale & 1 billion will be added to liquidity. Another 1 billion will be paid out as farming rewards.

What do the ELITEs get?

Snapshot will be taken before the YieldState's Exponential Rewards Program goes live this weekend.

How does it help GURU Network?

Kucino is a Casino. There will be a multitude of games where anyone bets some token to win some more tokens. A small tax will be levied by the house from the winning tokens earned by the players. This tax will be converted to KCS and go to buyback KUCINO, raising it's price continuously, as well as reducing it's supply slowly and steadily. A part from this will also be added to the ELITE DAO treasury, which is basically going to be shared by ELITE holders.

The Ecosytem at large

This is a first step in making ELITE the governance token of GURU Network that benefits from each product we launch. Kucino website will be launching soon this weekend. As of now, the pre-sale is over with a successful raise of 2,104 KCS!

Proof-of-Concept Dapps

Our first proof-of-concept is live at our Kucoin Chain Casino. Already 102+ Jackpots have been won at the time of print! Also check out our Casino on Fantom Opera blockchain. It has been running live for weeks with dozens of jackpots being won each week!

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