Kucino is the first Casino on the Kucoin Community Chain, powered by The GURU Network.

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Welcome to KUCINO

Historical Events & Roadmap

Single-player Dice

A game of Dice which does not require a partner or a group of players for funding the rewards. User can bet directly against a Smart Contract.

First Farm

Incentivise Kucino token holders to become Liquidity providers for the KUCINO pairs trading at KuDEX by means of Yield Farming.

KCS CoinToss

The classic game of Coin : The Coin Toss! Flip a coin - Heads? Or a Tails! Predict the correct outcome and win twice! Single-Player and Non-stop fun.

Lock-up Excess KUCINO

Deploy an extensible timelock for remaining 9.3 Billion tokens, which can be extended repeatedly every 30-days by anyone infinitely.

Third Pillow!

Kucino Casino sent it's supporters from the KUDEX community another comfy airdrop on the 3rd Pillowday Thursday, being the biggest ever with 3 200 000 KUCINO!

The second KUCINO BB&B!

On 11.8.21, we bought back around 6.9 million KUCINO. This resulted in burning about 1.5 million KUCINO! KuPot got an additional 90 thousand Kucino added to jackpot!

The Gambling Magician - NFTs!

Our official NFTs were out for public! The proceeds get split to support: 26.63% ELITE DAO / 13.37% artist (clokkworky) / 30% community / 30% charity @TheWaterProject

Freeze KuDEX Liquidity

On 8/8/21, we deposited 7.77 LP tokens worth over $20,000.00 into KuDEX token locker, unlockable only after 7months 7days 7hours.

First Buyback & Burn

We burned 2.25 Million KUCINO, Added 32,000 to the #KuPot jackpot And Completed a buyback of 12 Million $KUCINO on 7th August, 2k21!

Second Pillow

2500000.00 KUCINO was airdropped to KuDEX users on the "Bed". "Pillows" can be claimed 6th August, 2021 onwards by all the KUD stakers.

List at KU-Swap

Listing in our second market was a crucial step towards increasing exposure. $KUCINO was opened for trading at KU-Swap on 6th August, 2021.

21-hour LOTTOs

Another new game of Decentralized Lotto was unvieled: The 21-hr lotto sells tickets for 21-hours only, after which anyone can initiate the Jackpot distribution to winners.

KUCINO enters maturity

The KUCINO token contract enters the stage of maturity. Claiming rewards returns to "regular" and "easyRewards" are completed. Cycle time is now 73 hours by default, as coded.

The instaLOTTO

First-ever Decentralized Lotto, The instaLOTTO was launched on KCC. It can be played by multiple users at the same time. Winner can be drawn without waiting for other players.

First Pillow

The first airdrop to KuDEX community came in the form of "Pillow" distribution to users on the "Bed". 1 Million KUCINO was shared by all stakers.

KuDEX Official Listing

$KUCINO was officialy listed on 26th July, 2021 at the KuDEX Exchange and added to default token list with an initial total liquidity of over $35,000.

Proof-of-Concept MVP

The 2-player 0.11 KCS jackpot was released to public on 23th July. Over 150 players joined the JackPot with over 100 rewards paid by our smart contracts.

Launch of Website

KCC.guru was brought online on 21st July, 2021. It hosted a countdown to first listing and a roster of liquidity generation event's contributors.

Open Public Presale

Public presale began 1 week prior to first trading day on 17th July, 2021. Soft-cap of 1,024 KCS and Hard-Cap of 2,048 was successfully met.

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Achieved Upcoming

Introducing, The KUCINO Token!

$KUCINO is officialy listed at KuDEX!

First-ever token on KCC to have 15-in-1 tokenomics!
Also includes Cross-Chain dividends to all ELITE holders on Fantom Network.

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